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I am currently working as Research Scientist on a health data Science project called DynAIRx at the university of liverpool. Previously worked as an NLP Research Scientist at NEC Laboratories Europe (Heidelberg).

Besides Machine learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, I have in the past had experiences in software, networks and systems administration. I recently completed my PhD in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) specializing in Biomedical Information Extraction at the University of Liverpool working with Danushka Bollegala, Paula Williamson and Susanna Dodd.

Research Interests

My research interests span applications and topics pertaining to Machine learning and Natural language processing (NLP). I have particularly worked on problems such as information extraction, text generation and others with an objective of simplify the way humans understand and communicate through written text. I’m keen on Representation learning, Few-shot & Zero-shot learning, Multi-task learning, Natural Language Generation, Non-autoregressive language generation, Entity recognition, Prompt based learning, Information retrieval, Multi-label text classification etc.

Recent works

▪ “Towards Dense retrieval knowledge graph aumenaiton” Oct 2022, under review.

▪ “Position-based Prompting for health outcome generation” In Biomedical Natural Language Process, ACL, May, 2022, Micheal et al, pdf

▪ “Detect and Classify–Joint Span Detection and Classification for Health Outcomes”, EMNLP Nov 2021 Micheal et al, pdf

▪ “Assessment of contextualised representations in detecting outcome phrases in clinical trials” In European Journal for Biomedical Informatics, Micheal et al pdf

▪ “Correcting crowdsourced annotations to improve detection of outcome-types in Evidence-Based Medicine.” In KDH@IJCAI, pp 1-5. 2019. Micheal et al pdf

Talks and Events


Taken on duties in a Teaching Assistant role on Computer Science Modules in University of Liverpool

▪ Data Mining & Visualization (2019-2021)

▪ Machine Learning and Bioinspired Optimization (2022)

▪ Big Data Analysis (2019-2020)

▪ Data Structures and Algorithms (2019-2022)

▪ Scripting Languages (2019-2022)

▪ Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (2021-2022)

Honors and Awards

▪ PhD Studentship, Deep Learning (Biomedical Natural Language Processing), 2018 – 2021

▪ MSc Scholarship, Data Science and Analytics, Cardiff University, 2016 - 2017

▪ Best Oral Presentation at the MSc Student and Modelling Fellow Programme 2017 Showcase Event, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (NHS Wales).

▪ Active Volunteer of the Mozilla project 2015 a part of the Mozilla Reps Program (2012-2016) under Mozilla Foundation.

▪ Recognition certificate for project exhibition during the Makerere University College of Information Sciences Open Day Exhibition.


Reviewer - Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Rolling Review (2021 - Present)


Freelance Data Scientist





+44 7491574501

Full CV: available here